Should I get my CV professionally written?

As you look upon the recently-changed professional field, you will be asking yourself questions. Do you have relevant skills that are useful to a business, only looking to hire remote workers? Do you have people-leading skills to take a melancholy and perhaps confused workforce, to a better tomorrow? Do you have a grasp of your industry and what it is searching for in the new decade? Your journey should lead you to rewrite your resume, so you can display all of your best and most current skills to date. However, another question will confront you. Should you write it yourself, or should you use professional CV writing services?

The Story

When you use a great service to have your CV professionally written, you will be impressed by the narrative story of your professional life put in writing. If you have worked on projects that have changed a company’s fortunes, appeared in an industry magazine, or perhaps were noticed by the media, then you need to have this present in your resume. As you progress throughout your career, you will have checkpoints of success and personal growth. We will work with you to understand your journey, make note of where you achieved your goals, added skills to your toolbox, and understand your profession on a deeper level. This will then be written into the resume, in a concise manner so any hiring manager will be taken on a captivating journey.

Express Your Potential

Your curriculum vitae should not just be about what you can do right now. It should also give hints as to what you are capable of doing if given the opportunity. Once we get to know you, learn more about your personality, your professional history and your ambitions, your professionally written resume will express your true potential. Many professionals looking for a job, just want to list all that they have done. However, in this modern and very fluid world, employers want to know what you can learn to do? There are industries and careers being born that have never been seen before; e.g. electric vehicles, cloud automation, machine-learning, digital supply chains, multi-lingual teams, remote working, etc. Your CV should express that you are able to thrive in never-before-seen environments.

Leadership Role Hunting

Australia is one of the best nations for corporate career hunting. It’s played a leading role in so many industry-standard programs like the ISO 31000 manual. If you are an executive looking to find a new leadership role, you should seek professional resume writing services. Sure, you may feel comfortable speaking up for yourself. You are an executive who has the experience and knows what hiring managers seek. However, leadership roles are changing. The stiff matter-of-fact executive was left behind in the 2010s. Now, executive board members and other management, have to be in-turn with the company’s culture, the employees and the wider national culture at-large. We’ll write your resume in a tone that is a perfect balance between executive and understanding of the current culture. 

Too Rigid?

You know the drill about resume-writing right? Get all of your best attributes, traits, experience, skills and talents on the first page. We’ve all imagined an impatient hiring manager flicking through a big pile of CVs when we apply for a job. However, you need not drench your resume in bullet points to get as much information across, as you think you need. This is our bread and butter. We know what needs to be put in at the top, what could be pushed down a little and not make it too clinical. When a resume is too rigid and lacks personality, it can turn managers off. Remember, personality matters because you will be placed into an already-existing team. So we will make your resume express your openness, cooperation with others and your ability to respect and work with people at all levels in the company.

Is It Worth It?

Professional resume writing used to be a small industry. Now, the US market for professional resume writing services is worth $268 million all on it’s own. From the UK, to Japan, and to Australia, professional resume writing services are proving incredibly valuable. For one thing, it takes all the pressure out of your hands. We take our time to build up your profile, after getting to know you, understand what your ambitions are and the kind of things your industry is looking for when hiring professionals. Another very poignant concern for many is, they are not necessarily good writers. They may be great speakers and ace an interview when they get one. Yet, it’s getting into the interview room that is the hurdle they trip on. So if you want a better chance at being invited for an interview, a professionally written resume is the ticket.

Sign of the times

The bottom line is, the world of work is never ever going to be the same again. Make no mistake, the pandemic has changed everything. Hiring managers will want to look for things in a candidate that they would otherwise have waited until the middle of this decade to do. Yes, working remotely, managing your own time at home, using contemporary conference call software and sticking to deadlines without much support, are all things hiring managers are seeking now. It’s a sign of the times and you have to shift with it. If you can do all of this and more, using a professional resume writing service can make it apparent in your CV. We’ll highlight your journey of professional growth during lockdown, how you have improved and become a better version of yourself and most importantly, how adaptable you are to the modern world of work.

If you have any further questions about our writing process, usefulness of our services, or you’d like to enquire about our case study success stories, contact us today. 

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