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Kylie Hammond has developed numerous comprehensive Talent Management Programs for her clients, which aim to deliver and develop high performing teams and pools of employment resources. Talent Management is essentially about pro-actively targeting individuals at the Top 10% of their industry and profession. It is a clearly defined strategic initiative designed to identify and attract people that can proactively address future recruiting requirements, versus a reactive approach that may involve filling a current vacancy.

The catchphrase, War for Talent, was first coined by a group of McKinsey Consultants about six years ago. Talent Management has become increasingly relevant and it is seen by many companies as a way to not only build a successful business model but as a way to develop a competitive edge that cannot be easily replicated by competitors. Finding and retaining key talent is an issue that has become increasingly critical for companies who need to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Increasing market share, boosting productivity, improving margins, and decreasing costs have become standard deliverables for corporations worldwide.

Kylie Hammond

Executive Career Coach, Mentor & Corporate Headhunter