Kylie Hammond is Australia’s Leading Executive Career Coach, Mentor & Corporate Headhunter

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Kylie Hammond is the Founder & CEO of Director Institute Next Generation Directors, the fastest-growing network of director talent.

Kylie is an experienced board director, serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a leading Executive Search & Talent Management Consultant. Kylie is at the forefront of the executive search industry disrupting the market and challenging companies to appoint the very best board director talent. In her private coaching practice, Kylie is a recognised and trusted partner to clients including CEO’s, Managing Partners, Board Directors, aspiring Executive talent across all levels to undertake significant career change, secure promotion, develop a personal brand, increase salary packages, create a board portfolio and achieve work life balance. Kylie represents executive candidates via her exclusive Talent Management Programs, manages a number of client Executive Search engagements, and coaches a range of clients across executive, leadership, sales, business and career development areas. 

Working in partnership with many of the top CEO’s in the Asia Pacific region, our confidential career management support has helped hundreds of senior executives execute highly confidential career moves, implement a high revenue generating portfolio of employment and business activity, secure Non-Executive Director and Director level Board appointments, combined with Not-For-Profit, Public Speaking, Coaching and Mentoring engagements, to create a fulfilling and exciting career portfolio.

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Review your current Resume and other personal branding material, discuss your career pathway and identify possible career options. Kylie will provide you with expert advice on where your job search may be going wrong and how to correct your course. Now is the perfect time to undertake career planning.

Regarded by many as a leading ‘career guru’, Kylie brings exceptional experience and extraordinary levels of passion and commitment to each and every career coaching engagement. Kylie has developed a highly regarded, unique HR consulting practice with relationships with many of the top global executive search firms, to provide one of the most comprehensive career and talent management services available in the region. Personalised coaching can be delivered via live online chats through our virtual office to your office or home – ideal for the busy executive. 

Kylie has many years of experience leading Human Capital Management & Performance Management Programs, working as a trusted advisor in global corporations including Cisco Systems, PeopleSoft, and Deloitte Consulting. She is a certified Human Resources Practitioner, Fortune100 Executive Coach, and has also been certified to deliver and implement Full Circle Feedback 360-Degree Assessments & HR Performance Services Projects leveraging industry best practice, knowledge and experience. With over 20,000 hours of practical coaching experience, our Executive Coaching offering has helped many executives on a one-on-one basis to help execute significant career change.

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