Executive Outplacement Services

Kylie Hammond

When seeking to provide displaced employees with an effective, results-orientated outplacement program, consider choosing Kylie Hammond as your confidential and strategic Human Resources partner. Retrenchments and merger activity increase employee uncertainty, but by providing displaced employees with an effective outplacement program, this is a well recognised and effective means to reduce remaining staff anxiety and morale. Kylie Hammond offers a comprehensive outplacement service developed specifically for the executive. Our service is not tailored to large scale job redundancy, and we have chosen instead to develop a high calibre service that is designed to specifically assist executive employees; helping to get them re-engaged quickly and professionally in the executive employment market.

Executive Outplacement – Our Exclusive Offering

Kylie Hammond Executive Outplacement Program delivers one-on-one executive career coaching and mentoring, strategic networking and a variety of research and support services to facilitate executive career transition, including sourcing new senior roles or entrepreneurial ventures. Our programs are practical and results-orientated and have a proven success rate of engaging executives in new employment within 90 days of initial engagement. Our programs are exclusively designed for executives who have been employed at a management, professional or senior management level and who require guidance and mentoring to achieve a forward career move and secure a new executive position. Kylie Hammond Outplacement Programs offer a full service program which continues until a new executive position is achieved.

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Outplacement Services

Our experienced Career Mentors & Coaches work in partnership with the executive on a variety of challenges that many of our executive candidates typically face. Issues can be addressed with complete objectivity and without emotional attachment. Example career management areas that are addressed during the program include: Creating and executing a career change strategy, interview preparation, job search strategy, creating and implementing a career plan.

1: Developing useful career management techniques for the executives next role and for the future

2: Identifying suitable companies and opportunities, mapping out a career strategy which will facilitate the executives next immediate move, but one that also provides ongoing career options and opportunities

3: Identifying suitable employment opportunities and conduct due diligence on companies of interest

4: Assistance in leveraging both professional and informal networks during the job search

5: Helping the executive learn how to access the unadvertised job market effectively

6: Leveraging Kylie Hammond extensive “C” level network to introduce the executive to suitable employment opportunities.

7: Understanding how to open the door with companies the executive would love to work for

8: Understanding how to get to the key stakeholders and decision makers and the right employment opportunities

9: Developing new CV and Corporate Profile documentation to help open doors and secure job interviews with key stakeholders and decision-makers

10: Preparing for “C” level interviews, panel interviews and learning how to interview like a star!

11: Preparing for 2nd and 3rd interviews, as well as final employment negotiations

12: Managing market perceptions and industry commentary about the executives career to-date with future prospective employers

13: Explaining the executives exit from their current position and assist with future contract and financial arrangements

14: Negotiating an improved salary package and access to proprietary salary benchmarking information.

All Kylie Hammond Executive Outplacement Services Include the Following:

1: Kylie Hammond proprietary Executive Career Management Program consisting of weekly face-to-face meetings with a dedicated and qualified Executive Career Coach & Consultant

2: Regular coaching sessions / meetings typically 1- 1½ hour in length held in CBD offices across Australia or virtual conference.

3: Extended DISC Personality Assessment and other leading assessment tools are provide to give guidance and support to the executive in their next career move

4: Intensive job hunting assistance which include proactive “reverse-marketing” of executive candidates and exclusive introductions to our national business network

5: Exclusive priority access to the Kylie Hammond Executive Recruitment team throughout the Career Management Program

6: Full Executive CV-makeover service conducted by our resume writing team of leading CV writers is included

7: Preparation of a cover-letter if required and life-time storage of this important information in our confidential, secure database

8: Full access as required to assist with employment and contract negotiations in final stages of the program

9: Access to confidential market intelligence reports and information which may include salary competitive information, benchmarking information as well as senior executive movements taking place in the relevant industries and markets.

10: Ongoing priority access to the Kylie Hammond Executive Search team to field employment offers, review future career moves, assist with Board appointments or 2nd career opportunities.