Talent Agent & Career Management Services

Top Talented Executives are increasingly seeking a more proactive approach to career management. Kylie Hammond combines experience and capability with over 15 years of experience and in-depth understanding of Human Capital Management programs, and offers our most senior candidates and emerging talent with an exclusive, invitation-only approach to managing your executive career

Details of our Executive Interview Coaching Package

With Kylie Hammond by your side as your exclusive “Talent Agent” to assist with your next career move, success and amazing results are within reach. For the Executive who wants to manage, lead and take control of their career, this innovative approach is a market-leading, exclusive Executive Career Management Service.

As Kylie explains, ‘I have spent years interviewing very senior executives who are completely frustrated with the lack of responsiveness from high profile Executive Search firms and recruitment agencies. Half the time, they just don’t even call the candidate and acknowledge their application, let alone grant an interview’. Many Executives have reported to me that Executive Search Consultants in the leading search firms often display a ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you approach’ to even the most senior executive candidate. The more senior you are, the more challenging the situation becomes as Executive Search firms are heavily constrained by off-limits policies making moving positions between certain companies very difficult, especially without the right partner working with you during the recruitment process.


Talent Agent & Career Management

Effectively, many Executive Search and Recruitment firms choose only to represent the interests of the hiring company. Kylie Hammond is unique in the Asia Pacific region, as one of the only Executive Search Consultants who will assist and represent the Executive’s best interests during the end-to-end search and selection process, in a highly confidential and professional way. This unique approach is only offered to our most senior executives and “emerging talent” who match Kylie’s stringent criteria.

Kylie’s services include helping the Executive in managing their executive career management strategy, developing their career portfolio, identifying upcoming career opportunities and entrepreneurial opportunities, and fielding employment offers. She leverages her network of ‘C’ level contacts around the globe, offers proactive job search assistance, provides introductions to other top Executive Search Consultants, secures Board appointments and Interim Management contracts, and when appropriate assists with salary and employment contract negotiations.

Kylie’s exclusive Talent Agent Service requires a modest financial investment and a strong commitment from the Executive to work in close partnership with her to achieve pre-agreed measurable results within 90 days of engagement. This program is not for the Executive who wants to “test the market” or is not serious about their Executive career. Rather it is offered to high-potential, emerging talent and senior executives who are focused on their career and are equally committed to achieve amazing results.

For a strictly confidential discussion about this outstanding service, please contact Kylie Hammond on kylie@kyliehammond.com.au or arrange a time below to discuss your future career objectives.