Client Testimonials

What Clients Are Saying About Kylie?

Chris Travis LinkedIn

I can’t thank Kylie enough. Over the past 12 months, I found Kylie Hammond’s Executive Coaching program truly exceptional. Her program goes beyond conventional coaching, offering one-on-one mentoring, strategic networking, and invaluable connections to corporate headhunters, all tailored to propel my executive career forward. What truly distinguishes Kylie is not only her professional expertise but also her unwavering dedication and honesty in providing customised support every step of the way. This enabled me to effectively identify and successfully engage with corporate & business opportunities that align with my strengths and ambitions. Kylie's hands-on guidance has not only inspired and motivated me but has also translated into successful results in my career journey. If you're ready to elevate your executive career, Kylie is the ultimate ally you need by your side.

Tony Chamberlain LinkedIn

I had the privilege of working closely with Kylie over the past 12 months, and I can confidently say that her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in my transition from a CEO to a Non-Executive Director. Kylie's deep knowledge of the NED landscape, strategic insight, and unparalleled support were invaluable in securing two Non-Executive Director roles. Kylie's personalized approach to coaching and her ability to understand the unique challenges of my career shift were truly remarkable. She provided tailored guidance, helped me refine my strategic thinking, and enhanced my board-level skills. Her dedication and commitment to my success were evident throughout our collaboration. I wholeheartedly recommend Kylie's services to anyone seeking to excel in the world of Non-Executive Directorship. Her guidance has not only been transformative for my career but has also provided me with a solid foundation for continued growth in this field. Kylie is a true professional and an outstanding mentor.

Greta Menzies LinkedIn

I highly recommend Kylie for her exceptional expertise in establishing our organisations advisory board. Kylie’s strategic approach was instrumental in assembling a diverse and complementary group of high impact advisors, contributing significantly to our overall success. Kylie demonstrated excellent communication skills and a keen understanding of our needs, making the entire process seamless and impactful. Kylie is a true professional who I would gladly collaborate with again.

Sonia Tecli LinkedIn

I can highly recommend Kylie. She is as a true professional, mentor and someone who has a genuine passion to support others succeed in their executive careers. I’ve had the pleasure working with Kylie as part of the career transition program which included one and one coaching and access to helpful resources which assisted me stepping forward in my career. She provides honest feedback on focus areas and helped me get clear on my value proposition and tap into my strengths. I’m so grateful for this valuable experience and I look forward to continuing working with Kylie as I expand my career into the boardroom.

Patrick Viney LinkedIn

I have had the pleasure of working with Kylie as part of her career transition program. I have found her to be insightful and very pragmatic in her approach. She challenged my way of thinking and assisted in helping crystalise my value proposition. Kylie has a strong grasp of what’s happening across many industries and is able to quickly identify those skills and attributes that are most relevant to each career opportunity. I would highly recommend her career transition program for anyone who needs to polish up their interview skills, gets really focused on their value proposition, and be very clear about the next stage of their career.

Gordon Jenkins LinkedIn

For over 10 years, my collaboration with Kylie Hammond has been excellent. Yes, I treat it as a collaboration. The mentoring has delivered enormous value to both my personal and professional growth. I’ve been successful in several director roles some found within the Director Institute network, others through my network. Kylie has been by my side to advise, mentor, and support me. I’m so confident about the success the team can bring, I have no hesitation in recommending Kylie to my network. Within the next three months I will have taken a start-up to ASX listing, and an exit strategy it would not have happened without Kylie in my corner

Murray Eivers Founder, Uchoose Holdings Ltd

Kylie has been extremely effective in helping us achieve a well-balanced and talented board for Uchoose and its launch. In no time she had tuned in to our needs and accessed her significant networks to get the outcomes we were after. I’d have no hesitation in utilising the Board Portfolio and Search services again

Michael Blanchflower Head of Strategy, Eaton Capital Partners

Kylie assisted me to return to the workforce after the successful sale of my business in 2010. As an expert C-suite mentor with exceptional contacts, I have & will continue to recommend Kylie to any executive looking for their next career leap, or wishing to establish a portfolio of board positions.

Desley Cowley Centre Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle

We engage marketing experts to help us sell our products, why is it such a stretch to acknowledge that we will achieve greater results if we hire an expert to help us market ourselves? I’m only half way through the process and have already gained so much. Looking forward to

Andrew Twaits Chief Executive Officer,
Strategy Campus

I’ve known and worked with Kylie since 2011. She is without doubt one of the clear leaders in her field, and is a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kylie to anyone interested in exploring opportunities around private or public board

Jennifer Evans National Coordinator Families,
Children & Food Security, Red Cross

Kylie is a highly skilled Senior Executive coach. She is well-networked and has a thorough knowledge of current workplace trends and movements. She is an incisive analyst able to quickly assess an Executive’s career strengths and strategically position them for future opportunities. I highly recommend her programs and services

Kym Bancroft LinkedIn

Simply, Kylie is one of a kind. She has a unique way of respectfully offering feedback that is candid and individualised; industry specific ideas; and practical suggestions that are specifically tailored to your situation. Kylie’s services hones your skills and approach as an executive in a way that can be challenging to find elsewhere. I am extremely grateful to Kylie for helping me on two separate occasions, and I know I will be engaging with Kylie again in the future. I highly recommend Kylie to any executive who wants to refine their edge and succeed.