What Does a Talent Agent Do?

When you think of a Talent Agent, you might think of an agent for an actor or performer. It’s true that actors and performers tend to use talent agents more than most, but they also exist to serve executives looking to land new roles at established companies. It isn’t always easy to get your foot in the door at that level and many executives report a lack of responsiveness. Read on to find out how a Talent Agent can help you land a top interview. 

Gets You In The Door 

It isn’t well known, but it can be very challenging to move positions in the executive world. Often companies operate on a ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you approach’ meaning that without the right talent agent working alongside you the chances of securing a new position are slimmer.

Conversely, a talent agent has the contacts and the strategies to open up the closed shop of executive recruitment and persuade companies that hiring new external executives can be beneficial. A talent agent can even get interviews for very senior executives, something most find difficult or impossible. 

They Work For You

The trouble with executive search is that many of the recruitment forms are representing the interests of the hiring company. This means they will be highly selective for senior roles in companies, basing their decisions on pre-existing criteria. In effect this rules our many strong candidates for the role with transferable skills. 

But there are alternatives. When you work with a Talent Agent, like Kylie Hammond, they can work on your behalf and keep your best interest in mind when contacting companies for possible openings. Talent Agents operate in a confidential and professional manner, and provide a unique approach to recruitment that gets results. 

What They Provide

There are clearly some advantages to working with a Talent Agent if you’re an Executive looking for work. They can open doors for you and promote your best qualities and suitability for positions. But what else can they do? Surely there must be more on offer?

A Talent Agent will assist an executive in their management strategy, career portfolio, identifying career opportunities and finding entrepreneurial opportunities. They will also field employment offers. A Talent Agent gives you a full suite of high level career finding tools and strategies that are proven to work.

Who Is It For

A Talent Agent like Kylie Hammond is not for Executives who want to test the market and seek out potential options. They only work with professional and career focused executives looking to start their career or build on an existing one. This is the target market for Talent Agents, and what they are optimised for.

A professional Talent Agent like Kylie Hammond requires a modest financial investment from clients, in return they get a close working partnership with a dedicated agent who works hard to achieve measurable results. If you invest in a Talent Agent for career purposes it will pay off – you won’t be disappointed.