How Do I Prepare for a Job Interview?

Deciding that you need career coaching for your next big job interview is a big step. It is one of the first steps to realising your dream of a fulfilling career. It is an exciting time but one that can be filled with apprehension and even fear. If you have signed up to have someone coach you along the right career path, part of the process will be to help you prepare for a job interview.

Here’s a look at the steps you need to take to ensure that your interview is successful.

Get Introspective

In order for your interview to be successful, you must do some important preparatory work. You should first create a short description going over what your career objectives are.  

Once you have done this you can begin thinking about all the things that you have achieved so far, this will help you to come up with a draft for your new CV or for updating your current one.

 If you have specific questions for your potential employer, you should prepare those ahead of time. Preparing your questions ahead of time will get you mentally into the space of thinking about your future career goals, and position you’re looking to fill. 

A career coach can help prepare you for your interview process. We can help you to start thinking about all the things that you need to achieve and the time frame for achieving them. We can help you troubleshoot any challenges that could keep you from this particular position and help to guide you through the interview process. 

Be Realistic

Before you head into your job interview, it is a good idea to have a talk with your career coach ahead of time so that you do not have unrealistic expectations. You should talk with your coach about your specific needs in a potential job and they can help you gear your answers toward the particular job you’re seeking. 

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Remember that your career coach is on your side. This means that there is no need to embellish who you are and your accomplishments. In order for your coach to actively help you in your job interview, you have to lay all your cards on the table. This means that you have to be completely honest with your career coach as well as yourself.

Be prepared to open up about your life goals in a very personal way. Talk about how your past experiences have shaped who you are and your career goals. Your coach can help you to focus on your strengths and talents in your interview rather than your weaknesses.

When your coach has this kind of background knowledge it will help them gain a better idea of how they can effectively help you to navigate through any job interview successfully.

Your career coach will assist you in using your background, profile, and the things that motivate you to keep your interview moving in the right direction.

Timing is Everything

When you are scheduling a job interview, always remain punctual and even early for your appointment. Never schedule a job interview when you are in a rush or between appointments. 

This will defeat the purpose. You will not be able to concentrate on what you’ve prepared and those things you need to focus on. This will leave you flustered and looking scattered.

Never, and I repeat, NEVER cancel a job interview and expect to reschedule with good results. Unless you were in a serious accident with bodily injuries, you might as well write that job interview off. 

Coaching is a Partnership

If you decide to hire a career coach to get you ready for your next interview, you would do well to remember that your relationship with your coach is a partnership experience.  However, in a good partnership experience you should always be prepared for your opinions to be challenged. Remember, they have decades of experience helping professionals just like you prepare for tough job interviews every day.

A good career coach will test your opinions, helping you to think outside the box and realize your full potential. This will also help you to see situations and circumstances from all angles. This will enable you to make the right choices to make in any interview situation.

When your career coach begins to challenge you to think outside of the box and go the extra mile you will have the confidence and power to go after the higher paying job or interview for the position you never thought you could. Once your interview is finished, you should review all the questions you were asked and the topics that were discussed. This can help you in upcoming interviews and will be a great resource for your next career coaching session.

You should also begin preparing for your next session with any new information that you have gathered so that you can share this with your career coach.

Reevaluate Your Accomplishments

After each job interview (hopefully there won’t be too many), you should reevaluate the entire interview process. It is a good idea to keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings as you go through this entire session. This can help you to think through the interview process and catch anything that might not have gone exactly like you would’ve wanted it to.

Buy a notebook before your first interview so that afterward you can journal what you learned, and how you felt. You can also take a look at how your thoughts and ideas about your career are being shaped. 

As you go along, this will provide you with valuable insight so that you can physically do differently, how you feel you answered any questions, and maybe things that you would have wanted to ask. It will also give you something to refer and expound on in the future should you need to go in for a second interview. 

Get On the Right Path

Once you have decided that you need career coaching to prepare you for an upcoming job interview, it’s time to actually choose your coach. Don’t make this decision lightly as it is one that will put you on track, whether you are just starting a new career or want to go further in your present career, knowing how to successfully interview is huge.

The key to making coaching sessions a success is to communicate with your coach as much as possible and to be open and honest. 

Listen to what your coach is saying and give your opinions about everything that is discussed. The more you do this the more insight you will give to your coach so that they can properly prepare you for the big day.

If you are looking for effective career coaching sessions and job interview prep, please do not hesitate to contact Kylie Hammond. As one of Australia’s top coaches she stands ready to take your journey toward success with you.