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Kylie Hammond’s unique portfolio of Career Mentoring programs have been specifically designed to help you to leverage success, from a culture which achieves personal, career and organisational development. Career mentoring engagements have supported hundreds of Australia’s business professionals to overcome barriers that strengthen leadership skills, and deliver results in highly competitive markets.
Discover the benefits of a perfected career mentoring program that extends way beyond your expectations, with well thought out challenges and insightful strategic planning. Kylie Hammond’s career mentoring programs help you to improve your career decisions and make wiser choices when you’re planning for the future. By engaging a professional career mentor you will receive unbiased career advice and help to work through career obstacles, evaluate career options and plan for professional success.

Our qualified career mentors can help you to assess your needs and
establish a development plan for any areas concerning your career including:

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One of Australia’s pre-eminent Career Mentors, Kylie is highly experienced with the suite of Extended DISC tools and systems, and regularly uses these practical approaches throughout her coaching programs. With over 20,000 hours of practical coaching experience, she works with senior executives in major corporations. Through her Executive Coaching and career mentoring offerings, she works with many executives on a one-on-one basis to help execute significant career change. Kylie Hammond has a proven track record of success working closely with her clients in a wide variety of companies to develop and implement Human Capital Management and Talent Management programs.


Career Mentor

Kylie has worked in a variety of senior management positions, with a strong focus on building high performance teams. This background in career mentoring has helped bring a unique perspective to her clients and the career management process. An active member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Australian Institute of Management, Australian Human Resources Institute and Recruitment Consulting Services Association. Recognised career mentor and professional member of the Career Development Association Australia (CDAA), has coached numerous senior executives and has over 20,000 hours of practical coaching experience, specialising in Executive Career Mentoring & Coaching Programs. As a leading Board and Executive Search Consultant, with unique Executive Coaching & Career Mentoring credentials, Kylie is well placed to assist you in your next career move.


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