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When I first entered the Executive Search industry back in 2000, I realised very quickly that I would have to do things differently to break into a highly competitive market. I wanted to add real value to the recruitment process and my clients were telling me that they were tired of the “love you and leave you” approach that is common place in the recruitment industry.

I decided that the most practical way to add value to the recruitment / search process was to assist my clients in retaining top talent to their businesses through a customised candidate On Boarding Program, designed to help the candidate get through their first year of employment. To be perfectly honest, this is the ‘elephant in the room’ in the Executive Search industry, because most firms and clients are reluctant to admit to how many candidates do not make it through 12-months of employment. I decided to put my money where my mouth is and make a significant offer to my clients. I offer an exclusive 12-month replacement guarantee for every placement sourced through our Executive Search & Selection Programs. I have now been working in the Executive Search industry for many years, and I am one of the only Executive Search firms in the region that offers this service complimentary as a part of a fully integrated approach to sourcing, attracting and retaining top talent.

Either I or one of my personally selected Executive Career Coaches provide 12 x coaching sessions to the newly appointed employee, each coaching session is approximately 1 hour in length and can be conducted via telephone or face-to-face, and the program is designed to support the candidate during their first year of employment. It doesn’t cost any more to use my services in comparison to other Executive Search firms, in fact it probably costs considerable less to use my services and be provided with such a signficant and genuine 12 month replacement guarantee back by 12 months of Executive Coaching support to each and every successfully placed candidate.

My On Boarding Program is unique in the Asia Pacific region, and the feedback from clients and candidates alike has been extremely positive. My coaching is designed to support both the individual as well as corporate goals and objectives. Examples of areas where we can provide coaching services, which are fully tailored to the individual candidate include:

  • Creating and executing a career progression or career change strategy
  • Managing the challenges of a new position or promotion
  • Re-entering the workplace after a career break or managing career transition following a redundancy
  • Effectively managing challenging subordinates, colleagues or management
  • Encouraging high performance and increased efficiency
  • Developing employee motivation and building employee morale
  • Managing stress and work / life balance

On Boarding Programs are designed to help our clients retain top talent to the business, and help the candidate become a successful new addition and top performer in their new work environment. My programs have a proven track record of successfully helping almost 95% of executive candidates get through their first year of employment – an amazing result!

Onboarding for Executives

Kylie Hammond offers an exclusive Onboarding Program for Executives, a unique and proven Talent Management program designed to retain top talent to your organisation and get the best performance from your newly hired Executive/s. Whether you are a company wishing to demonstrate your commitment to your new employee, or an Executive who wants to perform and excel during those crucial first 120 days in a new role, this program is for you. Delivered personally by Kylie Hammond,  this program is designed to get results!