Unlocking Strategic Board Appointments & Leadership Roles

Your Trusted Partner in Career Transformation

Kylie’s private coaching practice serves as a beacon for clients ranging from CEO’s and Managing Partners to Board Directors and aspiring executives across all levels. Whether it’s steering significant career changes, securing promotions, personal brand development, negotiating enhanced salary packages, building a comprehensive board portfolio, or achieving work-life balance, Kylie is a recognised and trusted partner. 

Kylie guides executive candidates through exclusive Talent Management Programs, leads client Executive & Board Search engagements, and coaches individuals in executive, leadership, sales, business, and career development realms.

About Kylie Hammond

A distinguished industry influencer renowned for her roles as a Chair, Board Director, serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and a prominent Executive Search & Talent Management Consultant.

With a reputation for market disruption and challenging companies to elevate their executive and board director appointments, Kylie Hammond is your guiding light in navigating the path to impactful board leadership.

A Legacy of Impactful Partnerships​

In close collaboration with top CEOs in the Asia Pacific region, our confidential career management support has empowered numerous senior executives to execute discreet career moves, establish high-revenue generating portfolios, secure Chair and Non-Executive Director appointments, and engage in fulfilling Not-For-Profit, Public Speaking, Coaching, and Mentoring endeavours.

The result? 

A dynamic and gratifying career portfolio that thrives on diversity.

Comprehensive Services for Board Portfolio Building

Personal Branding and Positioning


Collaborating closely, we refine your personal brand to align seamlessly with the expectations of boardrooms. 

Whether pursuing Chair, Non-Executive Director, or Committee roles, we craft a tailored narrative that resonates with selection committees.

Board Readiness Assessment


Our experts meticulously evaluate your skills and experiences, determining your readiness for a spectrum of board roles. 

We identify strengths and areas for development, providing a clear roadmap to elevate your board readiness.

Strategic Networking


Cultivating a robust network within the board and executive leadership community is pivotal. 

We provide guidance in forging meaningful connections, accessing exclusive events, and establishing your presence in pertinent circles.

Crafting Effective Board Applications


Crafting compelling board applications requires finesse. 

We assist in tailoring application materials to specific board opportunities, spotlighting your suitability and the value you bring, whether pursuing Chair, Non-Executive Director, or Committee roles.

Interview and Presentation Coaching


Excelling in board interviews demands distinct skills. 

Our coaching equips you with the confidence and competence to navigate interviews, address challenges, and present yourself as a strategic thinker.

Advisory & Committee Appointments


Beyond traditional board roles, we guide you in exploring advisory board and committee appointments. 

Whether within HR, Audit, IT, or Risk committees, we align roles with your expertise and aspirations.

Strategic Insights for Board of Directors