Why Is Career Management Important?

After over 2 decades in the Executive Search & Coaching business, I can confidently say that the job for life career model is over.

With rare exceptions, it’s no longer the norm to grow a full and flourishing career from the ground up at a single company. That is making career moves more difficult than ever for executive-level professionals. Especially since executive placements don’t show up as mass-market job posting. 

When is the right time to make a move? Do I stay in my industry or cross into a new vertical? What are recruiters looking for in candidates right now? How can I demonstrate my credibility and competence in the small windows provided during a hiring process? They’re all big questions I get all the time. 

It’s difficult to leap into the unknown, which is why I built my Career Management program. I help ambitious executives built a portfolio, a career plan, and identify viable opportunities in their unique field of expertise.

Feeling depressed, dejected, let down is not uncommon in a corporate career but have you been proactive enough to create a new career plan, build a professional portfolio, and identify opportunities in your chosen field? 

It is a fact that people hesitate to invest in their careers, but will willingly go ahead and buy an expensive car and pay a financial planner to invest their money. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “ An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

The Career Management Program by Kylie Hammond Executive Search & Coaching Group, is your ultimate choice when you wish to take charge of your career.

The highlights of this program:

  • Customised according to individual needs of executives from all walks of life
  • Offers 10 private 1-hour laser sharp coaching sessions
  • Utilises mentoring, strategic networking and research and support services to facilitate career transitions 
  • Have a proven success rate of engaging executives in new employment within 90 days of initial engagement 

This program works with Kylie Hammond, who comes with extensive experience of working with senior executives of reputed organisations. 

The time is now. Own your career and sign up in this program to execute a significant career change. Click below and start today.