Outplacement For Executives: Get Employed in 100 Days

Over the course of my career, I have worked with many executives who hold senior positions in high profile organisations. Almost all of them face these questions during a career transition.

What does a comprehensive job search strategy look like? 

What should be the next move in my career?

Where should I start? 

How do I transition quickly, with my reputation intact?

How should I brand myself? 

What should I research about a company’s structure to determine how to best position myself? 

How do I get an edge over other candidates at application and interview? 

What do I need to create an executive job seekers’ toolkit? 

Executive jobs are hard to find and then duplicate, with the pressure of maintaining high compensation and also managing exiting the current role, while setting up your onward search strategy and reaching out to the right contacts to take your next step. 

Proper planning and strategy to answer these questions is critical at this time in your career, which is why I work with you to address them in a one-on-one setting with my unique Executive Outplacement Program.

I provide a personal branding review, comprehensive interview preparation, and access to the unadvertised job market as part of the program to help secure a new executive position.

Executive Outplacement Program by Kylie Hammond Executive Search & Coaching Group will steer your career transition in the right direction. Find out more.

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