Meeting with a Corporate Headhunter? Make It Count!

Preparing for a meeting with a corporate headhunter? Here’s how to ensure you make a lasting impression and advance your career prospects:

Do Your Homework: Research the headhunter and their firm thoroughly to show your serious commitment and preparation.

Dress the Part: Make a strong first impression by dressing professionally, signaling you mean business.

Ask Insightful Questions: Show your deep interest and understanding by asking meaningful questions about the role and company needs.

Stay Positive: Treat each query as a chance to demonstrate why you’re the perfect fit. Approach with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.

Build Rapport: Share relevant experiences and genuine interest to connect on a personal level. It’s about making yourself memorable.

Follow Up Thoughtfully: Send a thank-you email post-meeting to reinforce your keen interest and professionalism.

Be a Giver: Contribute valuable insights or information during your discussion to stand out as a thoughtful and engaged candidate.