21 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

The most important question any prospective job seeker can ask themselves is not only why a good resume provides such fruitful results, but who can help them write a resume that is impeccable? It is important to know how to write a winning resume – the kind that makes the difference between another document in a “stack” of resumes and a resume document that grabs the attention of recruiters and gets more and more inquiries. All job seekers without exception must have a resume, this is the central and most important document in the job search process. Impressive resumes explain why you are suitable for the job and why you should be taken. There is a very great importance to the subject of how to write an impressive resume for the following reasons:

  • An impressive resume will open the door for you to the positions you want. 
  • A resume explains why you should be hired.
  • They help maximise wages and conditions- Excellent resumes open doors to opportunities you want so they already place you in the range of salary you want. Wage and terms negotiations do not begin when it comes to the bid stage or when you are “what are your wage expectations?” Your negotiation starts from the point you submitted your resume. From the point you submit your resume, the art of impression begins. The employer begins to capture your value already from your resume document. In fact, the employer starts to price you, according to how your resume is perceived in their eyes. The more impressive your resume is perceived, the more “worth” you are perceived to be and they will be willing to pay you more. 

So how do you achieve this? A professional resume writer, such as the team at Kylie Hammond, could be the very first step in making this a reality. Not only does a professional eye help you convey your talents well, but they create an exceptional document because they know exactly what to write and the jargon that gets employees noticed. Resume writing services offer the prospective interviewee a chance to impress before they have even stepped foot in the door. 

The 21 benefits you need to know!

So maybe you’re asking why should I hire a professional to write my resume? Well, professional resume writers have a plethora of experience and therefore have gathered vast knowledge about the world of HR and what employers look for. They can navigate the page well and write exactly what employers want to see, whilst offering you an impeccable reputation before you begin. 

1. The resume expert is a professional who knows the job market and how the selection process and screening work in human resources departments. They will write the resume in a way that captures the attention of the employer using phrases and expressions that highlight what should be in the training and skills. 

2. They provide a professional vision so that our CV does not go unnoticed in a selection process.

3. Not only do they know how to prioritise, but they will also simplify the information that should appear on the resume so that the recruiter does not miss anything important without facing a tedious document to read. 

4. Through proper writing, you will improve the structure of the resume and therefore its visual appearance, thus enhancing the reading experience. 

5. They will professionally design the document in addition to the content to make it stand out from the crowd. 

6. They eliminate unnecessary, irrelevant details that could add negative value.

7. They structure well to give areas of your CV prominence and highlight important sections.

8. They use persuasive writing that comes only from a professional eye, with the knowledge of the industry well. 

9. They ensure that the entire resume is easy to read and easy to remember, so it doesn’t get lost among the CVs of other candidates.

10. They will save you time! If you don’t have to spend time writing content, you can focus on the most important topics that will lead your business to success. Especially in SMEs or in the case of freelancers, an external writer will generate significant relief in their workloads. 

11. They use SEO skills and techniques. Resume experts work for and for the positioning of your CV. If you dedicate yourself to the world of marketing or communication, it can be a very interesting asset to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates.

12. Impeccable grammar and spelling. The construction of the sentences that, if they are incorrect, could make us look inadequate. As indicated by 100% of human resources. It is a better option than standard grammar tools! 

13. Create concise content. No CV should occupy more than two pages, and if we can reduce it to just one, it will make for better reading.

14. They can heavily research the company for you.

15. Less stress. You can have the stress taken out of your hands by hiring a professional. 

16. A professional CV writer will know how to choose those aspects that should not be missing.

17. Have a reputation that you can trust. Someone dedicated will have a great track record so you can almost guarantee an interview! 

18. Saves you money – whilst there are costs for hiring a resume writer, the chance of getting a position through this route is higher. It saves money because you will have less time to worry about having less of a salary in between jobs.

19. You get the inside scoop. A professional knows what other professionals are looking for, so you can take this information with you into your next career and beyond. 

20. Increases your confidence! A professional resume writer will be able to pinpoint your skills and think of areas that you haven’t before which will instil confidence into you.

21. Tell your story the best way. Not many of us are amazing storytellers; but a professional resume writer will be able to polish the words and tell your story.

Kylie Hammond offers our Executive candidates an exclusive Professional Executive Resume Writing Service, designed to help you secure that all important job interview. Crafted, researched and prepared for professionals like you, who wish to present a superior resume that stands out from other candidates in the market. Learn more and view your resume options below.