Personal Brand Equity Program



Your ability to influence…whether it is a hiring manager, your current boss or your Board of Directors, directly corresponds, not only to the skills you possess in that arena, but also your personal brand equity. Who are you? What do you stand for? What is your reputation within the company? The community? Your own network? Is your image congruent to your message? Are your presentation skills adequate for that interview or for dealing with your Board? What does your online profile (and we all have one) convey? This comprehensive coaching program includes 10 coaching sessions with a professional Executive Career Coach, access to Extended DISC Personality Profiling tools and 360-degree Feedback Reporting. By the end of the 10 sessions you will have thoroughly reviewed your existing brand equity, and reshaped it into a powerful congruent message, designed specifically for your own goals which will help you achieve extraordinary results. A unique career management coaching program focused on your image and your personal brand equity. During this exciting program we thoroughly analyse your presentation skills and conduct an image workshop. This service is exclusively conducted by Kylie Hammond, our Career Coaching Guru – book today, or call us for more information.