Career Survival Program



A unique Executive Career Coaching Program of 10 x career coaching sessions delivered personally by Kylie Hammond, the leading Executive Career Coach and Executive Search Consultant in the Asia Pacific region. Meetings are held via our Virtual Office. Kylie is a highly regarded Human Capital Management consultant, and she knows what it takes to get through one year of employment in the corporate jungle! Invest in yourself and reap the rewards. This program can be used to develop more effective relationships in your workplace, survive and thrive, and most importantly identify quality internal relationships that will help you excel in your corporate career. In between sessions, email and phone contact is supported. Have an experienced Executive Career Coach by your side for an entire year and look forward to achieving amazing results! This program will help if you have just started a new job, are under review for promotion, or just want to have the peace of mind that you have the best career management and career support available on call during an entire year. Or maybe you hate the job you are in or just do not like your boss – then this program is also for you – we cover all contingencies. Learn to not only survive, but thrive as your own career manager, with Kylie Hammond by your side.