Frank and Fearless

The best advice I received early in my board career was to be frank and fearless in upholding my legal duties as a board member, even in challenging situations.

When faced with issues and questionable behavior among board members, I sought external confidential advice from a seasoned lawyer who understood the importance of fulfilling our legal obligations.

This advice has been my guiding principle ever since. I’ve learned to prioritize transparency, honesty, and integrity in all my boardroom interactions, never shying away from difficult decisions or uncomfortable conversations. Instead of seeking popularity or taking the easy road, I remain forthright, clear, and resolute in my communications, always focused on serving the best interests of the organization and its stakeholders.

By embracing this mindset, I’ve been able to navigate complex board dynamics with confidence and conviction, ensuring that our actions are grounded in sound governance principles and legal compliance. It’s a commitment I carry with me in every boardroom, empowering me to fulfill my director responsibilities with seriousness and dedication.

Tips for Board Members: Seek external advice when faced with legal or ethical dilemmas. Prioritize transparency and integrity in all board interactions. Be willing to make difficult decisions for the greater good of the organization.