Board Portfolio Trends

Building a board portfolio has become an increasingly popular career path for many executives. With the allure of a fulfilling board career and the desire for more flexibility and control over their professional lives, executives are leaving successful corporate roles to pursue NED and Advisory Board positions. The ideal board portfolio often includes a mix of at least two Non-Executive Director (NED) roles and three Advisory Board appointments. This diversified portfolio allows executives to leverage their expertise across various industries and organizations while offering a broader impact on corporate governance and strategic decision-making. Supplementing board work with additional specialist advisory roles provides an opportunity to showcase their subject matter expertise and extend their influence beyond the boardroom. Starting earlier in building a board portfolio is becoming a worthwhile pursuit, with executives seeking to transition from full-time corporate roles sooner to enjoy the flexibility and prestige of a successful board career. In conclusion, the allure of a full-time board career and the desire for flexibility have led many executives to build quality board portfolios. As the demand for experienced and talented board directors continues to grow, starting early and pursuing a diversified portfolio of NED and Advisory Board roles is a rewarding path for ambitious executives seeking a meaningful and fulfilling career transition.