The Executive Job-Seeker Package



The Executive Job Seeker Package has been designed to combine some of our most popular Career Management services. This is the year of the smart career move. So you have decided that you want to explore new career options? Get ready with this practical and results-orientated package. The Executive Job-Seeker Package is one of our most popular combination services and it has been designed exclusively by Kylie Hammond for the up-and-coming executive candidate who is wishing to apply for a new position and can also be used for internal applications for promotion opportunities. This service includes a new Board Director or CEO-Level Executive Resume, a Customised Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile refresh, plus a 90-minute Interview Coaching session with one of our experienced Executive Career Coaches to get you prepared for that all-important job interview! If you are looking for results, this package is for you and it gives you everything you need to start to approach the employment market with confidence. A high-quality resume and cover letter are critical to securing job interviews, but too many candidates miss out on the job of their dreams because they did not interview well. This package is designed to deliver results and is delivered by Kylie Hammond or one of her trained executive career coaches. Delivery time is 7-10 business days. A practical and results-oriented career coaching service designed for professionals seeking a career change.