The CEO Writing Package



A unique Professional Resume Writing package developed specifically for the Big Kahuna otherwise known as the President, CEO or Managing Director. This creative writing combination develops a portfolio of documents suitable for presentation to CEOs, Board members, Chair, and Executive Search firms for senior appointments. This service includes a Director-level Corporate CV suitable for lodgement with AICD database for Director-level positions, a new Corporate CV & Corporate Biography suitable for registration with Who’s Who; Linkedin Profile development, Executive Equity registration for Board positions, and a private consultation with Kylie Hammond, Principal Consultant. Delivery time for the complete package is within 10 – 14 business days from booking. The writing service is delivered personally by either Kylie Hammond or one of our Master Resume Writers, your partners in Executive Career Management. This package will provide senior executives with a portfolio of documents suitable for the Chief Executive and Board-level candidate. This is one of the most comprehensive writing services available for CEO level candidates in the market.