Show Me The Money



Salary negotiation is one of the trickiest aspects to securing the job of your dreams. It has all gone swimmingly well so far, and they want to hire you, but they have low balled their job offer. What do you do now? Getting the job is easy, negotiating a suitable salary package takes practice and skill. Most candidates try and manage this aspect of the job offer themselves and the risks are significant. We constantly see situations where candidates have under sold themselves, in some instances missing out on substantial pay increases or benefits during the employment contract negotiations. Worst case scenarios such as incorrectly handled contract negotiations resulting in offers being withdrawn is also far too common. This is an exclusive service offered by Kylie Hammond one of the leading corporate headhunters in the region, Industrial Relations degree qualified and a highly skilled salary and employment contract negotiator. Engage Kylie to coach you on how to negotiate your salary package, pay rise or provide confidential salary benchmarking information. Kylie can also confidentially review your employment contract and leverages top employment lawyers when required to make sure you are getting the very best advice available. All negotiations are handled 100% confidentially, ethical negotiation tactics are employed and we approach this matter sensitively with your career objectives foremost in our mind. Our services are designed to achieve win win outcomes for all parties. Your service will include a confidential meeting with Kylie Hammond and ongoing access during this engagement as required, access to salary benchmarking metrics relevant to your field of employment, review of employment contracts, tips on negotiation through third parties such as corporate headhunters. Kylie can shadow your employment contract negotiation from end to end until your secure the offer or salary contract negotiations conclude. In some instances, Kylie can also help negotiate on your behalf if this is appropriate. For complex salary and employment negotiations such as CEO level or Board level executives, please contact Kylie for a quote. So what are you waiting for? Engage Kylie today and show me the money!