Combined Selection Criteria & Resume



When you have a specific application that requires a selection criteria statement, we believe that it is important to equally place focus on developing a good quality resume that supports your overall application. We offer several standalone resume writing and selection criteria writing services, but if you are looking for a combined writing service which delivers a powerful selection criteria statement and a complementary resume which showcases your skills, experience and capabilities, this is the service for you. Our service is developed to the highest standards and leverages the STAR writing model to showcase your information in the correct way for Public Sector, Higher Education and Private Sector applications. Writing Selection Criteria can seem daunting and having professional advice on hand is critical to assess that you leverage the right examples to demonstrate key competencies, clearly showing your future employer that you meet the key selection criteria and that you have the skills and capability to do the job required. This service is delivered within 7 – 10 business days from booking. This is a comprehensive writing service designed to help you stand out from the crowd during a competitive screening process and increase your success of being shortlisted for these opportunities.