Welcome To The Boardroom



Whether you are seeking your first board appointment or you are already an experienced Director wishing to expand your Board portfolio, this unique talent management and professional mentoring program, delivered exclusively by Kylie Hammond, is for you.

The Welcome to the Boardroom Program includes exclusive access to Kylie, private mentoring sessions during the year to assist you during your Board search process, develop your unique value proposition, build your personal branding, including Board Resume, Corporate Biography, tailored Cover Letters, and LinkedIn profile makeover. The program includes Kylie working in close partnership with you to facilitate private business introductions, which are critical to your success in securing commercial board appointments. The service includes a new professionally-written board resume tailored for specific Board appointments suitable for lodgement with top-level Executive and Board Search consultants and Board members.

The program includes introductions to Chairman, Non-Executive Directors, Family Offices, Executive and specialist Board search consultants, and top private equity firms for consideration for pre-IPO, ASX-listed and unlisted, private companies, early-stage high-potential businesses, Government, Not-For-Profit board director and advisory board opportunities. The program also includes practical mock practice Board interviews with specific feedback on the discussion and improving performance. Kylie will be by your side during this year-long program, personally reviewing your board search strategy, and is well-placed to make several direct approaches to Boards on your behalf during the program as the Founder and CEO of Director Institute, the fastest-growth network of aspiring and current Board director talent in the Asia Pacific region.

This is a unique offering designed to support aspiring first-time Board members through to seasoned Non-Executive and Executive Directors alike. Welcome to the Boardroom!