We Build Your Website, LinkedIn & Online Brand Equity



The internet captures and categorises everything, no matter how trivial or embarrassing. If it was ever online it is still online. Our online branding package provided includes a survey of your existing online brand equity to make sure there is nothing out there that could be potentially damaging to your business and professional reputation. We then construct a highly professional brand presence to raise your visibility including establishing a killer LinkedIn profile. In addition to safeguarding your professional reputation by meticulously surveying and managing your online brand equity, we go beyond the basics.

Our service includes the creation of a dynamic personal website that not only highlights your expertise but also amplifies your thoughts, articles, and industry insights. LinkedIn has become a preferred method of hiring managers and recruiters alike to source candidates. We will help you create a unique personal blog that will highlight your background, showcase articles you may have written, display your thoughts or ideas on your industry or function, and promote any other products or services you would like to include. We will set up a Twitter account so you can start to follow interesting people and Tweet on interesting subjects.

We will provide one hour of phone support, to show you how to keep your online profile updated, as well as how to interact with online communities, and become known to potential employers, joint venture partners and prospective clients. Leverage the power of the internet to create, enhance and protect your online brand equity.