Effective Networking For Executives



Develop effective networking skills and get plugged in using your network to source jobs, find new business opportunities, and source prospective clients. Networking is an incredibly effective way to source new employment positions, develop business opportunities, form joint ventures, or find new clients. But it takes effort. It takes a system to organize all of your contacts and you probably have many more than you think you do, and regular contact to keep them fresh and up to date. The best networkers have job and business opportunities that seemingly drop in their lap when they least expect them. When you are actively looking you can easily call on your contacts to have them help you source a new opportunity, but only if you have a robust networking plan. Our unique Effective Networking Package is exclusively offered by Kylie Hammond and will help you set up your networking database and systematize your contact frequency using the elegantly simple Hierarchy of Relationships developed by US-based Steven Linder, Executive Coach, and Top Trainer. Additionally, if you are actively looking we can provide ongoing Career Coaching to keep you on track with your networking activities, ensuring that you utilize your contacts as effectively as possible.