Platinum Membership: Board Portfolio® Talent Agent Program

Led by Kylie Hammond, the Platinum Membership, Board Portfolio® Talent Agent Program is exclusively offered to talented senior-level executives seeking a proactive approach to executive career management.
Partnering with Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen, Board of Directors, and Captains of Industry, this invitation-only, tailored approach to managing your Board Portfolio® is a unique Board & Talent Management service. It is designed for top business executives seeking board appointments, refreshment, and expansion of an existing Board Portfolio® augmented by complementary activities, including Business Advisory, Investment Committees, and CEO Business Mentoring.

Our stringent criteria ensure that we assist and represent only the most qualified individuals in a highly confidential and professional manner. We will partner with you to develop your senior executive C-Suite career and Board Portfolio®. For individuals who want to manage, lead, and take control of their career, this innovative approach is a market-leading, exclusive Board Talent Agent & Executive Career Management Portfolio Program delivered by Kylie Hammond. Kylie will work closely with you to develop your board and career portfolio, identify promising organizations in your chosen field, and highlight specific board, career, and entrepreneurial business opportunities.

We assist you with valuable market intelligence and work closely with you through the negotiation and finalization of your next career opportunities and subsequent board appointments. This annual program includes working directly with Kylie Hammond and encompasses professional Executive & Board resume writing, LinkedIn profile makeovers, Corporate Biographies, and cover letters. Related Products: Your Trusted Partner in Career Transformation Kylie’s private coaching practice serves as a beacon for clients ranging from CEOs and Managing Partners to Board Directors and aspiring executives across all levels.

Whether it’s steering significant career changes, securing promotions, personal brand development, negotiating enhanced salary packages, building a comprehensive board portfolio, or achieving work-life balance, Kylie is a recognized and trusted partner. Kylie guides executive candidates through exclusive Talent Management Programs, leads client Executive & Board Search engagements, and coaches individuals in executive, leadership, sales, business, and career development realms. For more information, visit Kylie Hammond’s Website or contact us directly to see how we can assist in transforming your executive career.