June Briefing: Navigating Corporate Changes and Economic Uncertainties

The landscape of work is shifting dramatically, underscored by major corporate restructures and widespread redundancies. A notable example is Telstra, which recently let go of nearly 3,000 employees due to advancements in AI technology.

The Bigger Picture: We’re seeing an alarming trend with over 100,000 businesses facing insolvency. This indicates a bumpy road ahead with numerous economic warning signs. It’s a critical time for everyone in the workforce to reassess and prepare.

Plan B Is Essential: In today’s volatile job market, having a Plan B isn’t just advisable; it’s necessary. Consider building a career portfolio that includes multiple sources of income to safeguard against unexpected shifts.

Rethink Your Career Pathway: The pervasive impact of AI across all business workflows means that traditional career paths may need to be reevaluated. Retraining and upskilling in emerging areas could be vital steps to remain competitive and relevant.

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