Career Coaching Resource Kit

Welcome to the Career Coaching Resource Kit your toolkit for embarking on a journey of professional growth and development. 
This pack has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with the essential tools to kickstart your collaboration with Kylie and set a solid foundation for your career advancement. Click each resource title to access downloads.

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Unlock your potential with “Keys to the Boardroom,” a comprehensive 20-part eLearning program meticulously crafted for your self-paced advancement. This enlightening journey features a video series, accompanied by this downloadable, personalised workbook and journal, ensuring you have the tools and insights to succeed.

In this program, you’ll embark on a transformative experience, delving into key topics that will shape your path to becoming the next generation of board leaders. You’ll have the freedom to complete roadmaps and self-reflection exercises at your own pace, all accessible online.

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Introducing the “Welcome To The Boardroom” Online Course, a transformative journey from Executive to Non-Executive roles and into the realm of Boards, Directors, Chairs, and the organisations seeking them.

Throughout this comprehensive online course, we will delve into a plethora of topics distilled from our extensive professional experience, spanning years of successfully placing countless aspiring directors onto Boards.

Leading organisations, whether in the commercial or not-for-profit sectors, offers profound fulfilment, allowing you to apply the wealth of skills and experience accumulated throughout your business career. Start your online  “Welcome to the Boardroom” course today and embark on your journey towards Boardroom success.

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Being prepared and organised for your job search is key to finding a secure executive position in this ever-shifting job seekers’ landscape. The Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide will provide you with breakthrough strategies and advice that includes building your professional toolbox and a career portfolio.

Learn how to recognise a good opportunity, and walk away from a bad one. Some of the critical job search elements covered include:

  • Identifying your professional goals and analysing your options Understanding your value proposition and how to market yourself
  • Developing a career portfolio 
  • Developing a resume for specific opportunities 
  • Leveraging the power of professional and social media 
  • Knowing how to work with executive search consultants and headhunters
  • Learning how to negotiate the best contract 

The Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide contains tips and hints that come from many years of experience in the executive search industry and working with a large variety of companies and HR professionals.

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Introducing “101 Career Mistakes and Solutions” by Kylie Hammond:

It’s no secret: as humans, we’re bound to make mistakes. In the workplace, these errors can come at a high cost—a missed promotion, a lost opportunity, or even the loss of a job. In this insightful book, leading Board and Executive Search Consultant, as well as Australia’s foremost CEO Business Mentor, Kylie Hammond, offers a comprehensive overview of potential career pitfalls & provides practical solutions and tips to help you steer clear of these common missteps and pave the way for your dream career.

Within these pages, you’ll find guidance on avoiding critical errors such as:

– Neglecting to craft a career plan
– Becoming complacent in your current role
– Overlooking the importance of negotiating your contract
– Failing to adequately prepare for job interviews
– Neglecting to manage your personal brand
– Falling into the trap of working harder, not smarter

As Roy H. Williams once said, “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.” Let Kylie Hammond’s expertise guide you toward a career marked by success and fulfilment.


Unlock the potential of your hiring process with “Avoid Costly Mis-Hires!” by Dr. Bradford D. Smart. In this transformative eBook, you’ll learn how to elevate your hiring success rate to over 90% by adopting the Topgrading methodology, celebrated by leading companies worldwide.

Dr. Smart, an internationally recognised management psychologist, introduces practical, evidence-based strategies to help you identify, hire, and retain the top talent crucial to your organisation’s success. Drawing on decades of consulting experience with Global 500 companies, this book offers a wealth of knowledge, tools, and techniques designed to prevent the frustration and high costs associated with hiring mistakes.

With endorsements from business luminaries like Jack Welch of General Electric and Larry Bossidy of Honeywell, “Avoid Costly Mis-Hires!” provides a rigorous and detailed approach to improving your hiring practices. You’ll find insightful case studies, comprehensive guides, and expert advice that demystifies the complexity of recruitment and provides a clear path to enhancing your team’s performance.

Start transforming your hiring strategy today by downloading “Avoid Costly Mis-Hires!” and begin your journey toward building a more successful, efficient, and motivated workforce.

Step into a new era of recruitment with the “Topgrading Interview Guide” by Dr. Bradford D. Smart. This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to drastically improve their hiring process. Employing the renowned Topgrading method, this guide provides a detailed, step-by-step framework for interviews, ensuring that you consistently hire the top talent available.

Dr. Smart’s guide revolutionises traditional interviewing by utilising a chronological, in-depth approach that significantly increases the likelihood of securing ‘A’ players. It includes detailed forms, structured interview questions, and essential insights that assist interviewers in making informed, effective hiring decisions..

Download the “Topgrading Interview Guide” today and start building your team of high performers.