Building Your Board Portfolio: Realistic Timeline

Wondering how long it takes to secure board seats and build a robust board portfolio? Here’s a realistic timeline based on our experience: Securing Your First Board Seat (3-6 months): The process of securing your first board seat typically takes between 3 to 6 months. During this time, you’ll be actively networking, researching opportunities, and positioning yourself as a qualified candidate. It’s common to undergo interviews, assessments, and discussions with board nominating committees before securing your first appointment. Adding Additional Board Seats (3 months per seat): Once you’ve secured your first board seat, subsequent appointments tend to come more smoothly and quickly. On average, it may take around 3 months to secure each additional board seat. Your initial board experience, network, and reputation as a board director will enhance your credibility and attractiveness to other boards. Building a Board Portfolio (Within 18 months): Within 18 months, you can lay the foundations for a diverse and impactful board portfolio. By consistently seeking new opportunities, networking, and leveraging your existing board roles, you can gradually expand your portfolio. Aim to diversify your portfolio across different industries, sectors, and types of boards to maximize your impact and opportunities for growth. Building a board portfolio is a journey that requires persistence, dedication, and strategic networking. Stay proactive, continuously enhance your skills and expertise, and seize opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the boardroom. With commitment and patience, your board portfolio will flourish over time.