Why is Career Coaching Important?

It’s clear that from the experience gained from the pandemic, executives need to be bold in accepting the changes to our world of work. Remote working is going to become the norm for hundreds of millions of professionals. So how do you manage teams that have never met each other in person? How do you manage international supply chains that are so fragile? How do you remain a local figurehead and yet an international brand as well? We understand the stress that executives are under, especially those that are new to their responsibilities. Our career coaching services will help you to rein in your anxieties, organise your daily professional life and climb the corporate ladder quicker. 

A change of heart/career?

If the pandemic and the new challenges have opened your eyes to your new future, we would love to set you on the right path. Our career coaching services include, helping those that have been out of work for a while or those who would like a sea-change, to find their feet. This is all about getting to know you both as a person and a professional. We’d like to think that the end product will be a seamless merge of the two. If you have certain interests in a particular new industry that is doing groundbreaking work, e.g. electric vehicles, but have never worked in that industry before, then let’s have a chat. We’ll assess your key skills and understandings, and support you in your first baby step towards working in an exciting new industry or sector.

Why in the land of Oz?

But why hire a career coach in Australia? Well, Australia has played a leading role in creating brand new industries. It is one of the main curators of the Risk Management Manual ISO 31000, as well as taking a lead in new industries like lithium mining, solar power technology, governmental and corporate policy-making, but to name a few. A career coach from this great professional hub, will give you the skills to expand into any sector and industry in the world. It’s a global haven for executives who wish to work in South Asia, East Asia, as well as Africa. And since it’s a modern English-speaking nation, you can take your leadership expertise to the UK, Canada or America as well.

Managing Subordinates

Leadership does not come naturally to many people, but that does not mean that they cannot lead. You may be in this circumstance yourself. Managing subordinates is tough as you need to be ready to be the one person in the room that has to put everyone in their place when needed, but also be a figure for employees that are having a tough time. Where do you find that perfect balance of firm but fair? Our career coaching service will show you how you can be assertive and respectful, without becoming a tyrant in a power tie. The important skill of people management cannot be overstated. You are dealing with big personalities and egos in the boardroom and everyone wants to get their way. We’ll develop the leadership traits you need to manage daily meetings, intense shareholder conferences and middle management agenda-setting meetings.

Working yourself to the bone?

It’s not a secret that executives often work beyond their capacities. It’s no wonder that many of our clients have come to us, simply to regain control of their work and personal life balance. The secret isn’t just going to involve better time management. That is important but what gets overlooked is your mental state, regarding personal time. So many executives take work home with them. Even if they’re not typing away or reading a report, they’re constantly thinking about work. This can lead to stress building up, dependencies, family life breaking down and social life becoming almost non-existent. We can show you how to respect your personal boundaries, how to mentally leave work at work, and manage stress at and away from work.

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation! 

The skill that many leadership coaching services don’t manage to get right, is how executives can motivate their employees. Simple team-building games have their place but honestly, you know that something more concrete is needed. We’ll show you how you can motivate employees from the junior rank to the executive team. We do this by showing your mentoring skills. Mentoring is much better than any other strategy because you are playing both a hands-on role, and making a cultural change in your organisation. We’ll teach you how to both mold and motivate employees to want to succeed at the projects they are involved in. It will involve getting employees to see the bigger picture, giving them confidence to trust their own skills and talents, as well as cultivating a team spirit to beat your competitors. 

Crushing the Interview

Executive job interviews are very tough. We’re not going to lie to you, they are a little bit of a mountain. But we will help you climb it! Firstly, we’ll run you through the process that has largely been adopted by the top companies. Of course, they will have their own desires in candidates, specific to their industries and sectors. Once you understand what they are looking for in executives in the modern world, e.g. culturally sensitive, able to do media, connect with the junior ranks, etc; you’ll feel more confident about yourself. On top of this, we will develop your ability to control your nerves and just be yourself. Executives that put on their leadership hat only when the time is right, will find it difficult to keep it on when they are being scrutinised by several members of a hiring committee. We work with clients to make their leadership side merge into their natural personality.

If you would like to know more about our professional executive career coaching service, you need only to ask. Contact us via phone on, 1300 669 139 or send us an email to  kylie@kyliehammond.com.au