Executive Search & Executive Coaching Specialist

Kylie Hammond is committed to rigorous analysis and measurement of outcomes during all Executive Search engagements and is committed to achieving measurable “results” during each and every search engagement.

During the last 24 months Kylie Hammond has conducted well over 100+ Executive Search assignments in Australia for a mixture of National & International companies. Kylie tracks each assignment and closely measures the results from both a client & candidate perspective and a summary of the key points from our findings are as follows:Kylie Hammond has a success rate nearing 97% in identifying top talent and completing Executive Search assignments from end-to-end.

  • A customer satisfaction survey of our clients has revealed that 100% of our clients would use Kylie Hammond again and would recommend our firm to others.
  • The majority of Executive Search Assignments have been completed within 60 days, with over 85% of assignments completed in 45 days from start to finish.
  • In the past 24 months, we have been asked to use the 12 month replacement guarantee once. We backfilled the position at no additional charge to the client and found a suitable replacement candidate within 2 weeks of the request. The client is one of our referees and is happy to speak to prospective clients about the way we approached finding the replacement candidate.
  • The limited use of the 12-month guarantee is testament we believe to the success of our unique Executive Coaching Programs.
  • In many instances, candidates & clients continue to engage with the Executive Coach following the 12 month initial coaching program and will often utilize our Executive Coaching Services for other team members.
  • Of the 100+ candidates that we have placed in the past 24 months, over 35% of them have been promoted once into a more substantial role in the company, with 15% of candidates being promoted twice in the past 24 months, this is an endorsement of our abilities to identify top talent.
  • Analysis of the past 100 Executive Search assignments completed reveals that almost 90% of assignments have originated from referrals or repeat business.
  • During each assignment we will often interview over 100+ candidates in the search for top talent. We have achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rating from our candidates who tell us that our approach and feedback is refreshing and that they would engage with us again if we contacted them about future executive opportunities.
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