What to expect in your Complimentary Career Assessment


Over the next few weeks, I am freeing up my diary to offer Complimentary Career Assessments.

These are no obligation and directly with me. I will review your current Resume and other personal branding material such as your LinkedIn Profile. We can discuss your career pathway and identify possible career options. I am also happy to provide you with expert advice on where your job search may be going wrong and how to correct your course.

The feedback that I am getting from these private consultations is absolutely fabulous and I love speaking to people at all stages of their career and giving practical advice on how to move to the next role, how to secure a pay increase, how to build a portfolio career, starting your own business or secure your 1st Board appointment.

There is no one in the Executive Search industry in Australia that conducts as many free appointments as I do in this area and offers this style of meeting. I bring unique perspective to the table and I believe that by paying it forward, by helping clients when they need the right advice, it always comes back in kind.

I look forward to speaking with you over the next few weeks in the lead-up to the end of the year. It’s a perfect time to commence your career planning thought process for what lies ahead in 2022! My direct private diary link is available here: www.calendly.com/kyliehammond