Start Up Capital Raising

Securing capital for early-stage, high-potential companies in Australia presents significant challenges, particularly for small-scale seed investments below $1 million. However, Kylie Hammond, a distinguished advisor in this field, has been instrumental in facilitating connections between entrepreneurs with innovative business concepts and the right investors and resources at the opportune moment. Acquiring intelligent capital is pivotal for business success. To gain further insight, we encourage you to view a brief video presentation from Kylie, which offers a recent case study on assembling an investor advisory board that has supported a novel venture that will embark on a Series A capital raising in 2023.

Private Equity and Venture Capital for startups face obstacles when raising capital in Australia, with challenges more pronounced for entrepreneurs without established connections and introductions. The key challenge for startups is to persuade investors to finance an innovative, untested idea with high inherent risks. Investors in Australia tend to favour proven business models, and this preference is amplified for those without an extensive track record. As such, startups must identify investors who appreciate disruptive concepts and demonstrate how they can leverage their expertise and resources to mitigate risks and maximise growth potential. Establishing such connections can be difficult for entrepreneurs lacking extensive industry knowledge and networks. Therefore, it is critical to seek expert advice and leverage the insights and contacts of experienced advisors like Kylie Hammond.