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The Resume Builder system contains a recommended resume format. We suggest that you review and align your existing resume with this format before submission, to begin your thinking around the core components of your offering, whether that be for a Board role, or for your next executive position.

Whether you intend to apply for advertised roles, approach employers directly, work with executive search/recruitment firms or send your resume to people in your professional network, you will need to have a clear understanding of and articulation of your professional offering.

As indicated in the builder, your resume should, therefore, contain details of your expertise, the positions you have held, the organisations in which you have worked, your experience/responsibilities, your achievements and contributions, your qualifications and professional development.

The key focus of your resume should be your achievements and contributions – the difference you have made, the impact you have had and the value you have added. Guidelines are provided below to assist you in identifying your contributions.

Providing substantial amounts of detail about your experience is not necessary and may detract from the resume development process and the quality of the end product. Ideally, your resume will be no more than 2 pages so it is important to be succinct and to include the most relevant information for the direction you are looking to take your career at this point.

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