Welcome to the Boardroom


Whether you are seeking your first board appointment or you are already an experienced Director wishing to expand your Board portfolio, this unique professional coaching program, delivered exclusively by Kylie Hammond, is for you. The Welcome to the Boardroom Program includes up to 3 confidential one-on-one meetings leveraging a fully tailored program to assist you during your Board search process. The service includes a new resume tailored for specific Board appointments which is suitable for lodgement with the AICD, top level Board Search consultants and Board members. The program includes introductions to several top Board search consultants, and includes lodgement with the Australian Small Scale Offering Board (if requested) and top private equity firms for consideration for start-up, new technology, energy, and green technology opportunities. The program also includes practice Board interviews with specific feedback on the interview and improving performance. Kylie will personally review your search strategy, and may be well placed to make a number of direct approaches to Boards on your behalf during the program. This is a unique program designed to support first time Board members, Non Executive and Executive Directors alike.

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