Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide Online Learning Program


Introducing the Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide Online Learning Program.

Being prepared and organised for your job search is key to finding a secure executive position in this ever-shifting job seekers’ landscape.

In the Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide Online Learning Program, leading Board & Executive Search Consultant and Australia’s foremost CEO Business Mentor, Kylie Hammond will provide you with breakthrough strategies and advice that includes building your professional toolbox and a career portfolio.

Learn how to recognise a good opportunity, and walk away from a bad one.

This self-paced eLearning Program and accompanying 232-page Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide book & workbook contains tips and hints that come from many years of experience in the executive search industry and working with a large variety of companies and HR professionals.

Your Online Program covers the following critical topics:

Video 1 – Welcome to Executive Candidate Survival Guide

Video 2 – First Things First – Get Your House in Order

Video 3 – Proven Methodology to Get Employed in 100 Days

Video 4 – Personal Branding to Set you Apart from your Competition

Video 5 – Hidden Job Market – What Does That Really Mean

Video 6 – Working with Headhunters

Video 7 – Interviewing to Get The Role – Part 1 & 2

Video 8 –  Top Tips for Salary negotiation

With purchase, you will gain immediate access to the Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide Online Learning Program with 1-year Membership to Director Institute, which includes:

Director Institute Board Director Job Board with access to Exclusive Board Search Roles & Opportunities

Access to Director Institute Board Vacancy Job Board

Exclusive Resume Builder Tool to Create a Professional Resume

Board Alert eMagazine Publication & Global Thought Leadership Insights from Business Leaders

Exclusive Online Events Invitations & Access to Online Business Networks

Keys to the Boardroom & Welcome to the Boardroom Digital eLearning Programs




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