Career Management Program


Traditional upward mobility is no longer the vertical route it once was. Ambitious executives in contemporary organisations will increasingly take control of their career in a strategic and proactive manner. Designed to help Executives implement a new career plan, build a career portfolio and identify opportunities in their chosen field, Kylie Hammond certified Career Management Programs are custom designed for the individual and involve a minimum of 10 private 1-hour laser sharp coaching sessions. Kylie and her team of personally selected coaches work with Executives from all walks of life who are seeking greater balance and meaning in their lives and careers. Her exclusive career coaching and mentoring programs are practical and results-orientated and have a proven success rate of engaging executives in new employment within 120 days of initial engagement and achieve outstanding career results. One-on-one executive career coaching utilises mentoring, strategic networking and a variety of research and support services to facilitate executive career transition, including sourcing new senior roles or entrepreneurial ventures.

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