Is now the right time for your tree change, sea change?

It is not easy to change your life without a compelling reason to do so, and it takes courage to accept you are not where you should or want to be.

After the turmoil of a global crisis, and the personal impact you have experienced, you may feel a need to rediscover or reinvent yourself. Even if you’re not thinking of a change now remote working arrangements means the dream of escaping to the coast or the country is far more accessible than ever before. Before making your next move, you need to ask yourself tough questions and take an honest and accurate assessment of your career skills.

What do you really want to change? 

What are some of the traits that the people you admire have? 

What about their lifestyle do you wish to emulate?

What are the obstacles that you believe are in between your current life and the life you wish to live? 

With our ‘Is now the right time for your tree change, sea change?’ program, we’re sure you will get your answers. 

You’ll get coaching sessions which we’ll guide you into your next opportunity and advise on developing long term revenue streams that work for you. We’ll then work together on a strategic actionable plan detailing out strategies to make sure you’re able to bridge the gap between where you stand now and what you need to do to create a lifestyle you don’t want to leave. 

This program works with Kylie Hammond, who comes with extensive experience assisting executives to execute a significant career change. It’s never been a better time to pursue a career move that you never thought was possible. Hear from Kylie Hammond below and start today.