Executive Interview Coaching

Our unique Executive Interview Coaching has been developed personally by Kylie Hammond to help busy executives prepare for interviews. The coaching process is efficient, requires only 90 minutes of your time (in one or two sessions) and is based on what successful candidates  who get job offers.

Why Get Coaching?

Once you start securing interviews for positions you want in organisations you really want to work in, it would be a shame to miss out because you bombed at the interview, wouldn’t it? We think so too. Many people have told us that they are fine once they get to the interview, only to tell us later that they must be doing something wrong because they are not getting offers for jobs that they know they should.

Some people say they are very confident and articulate at interview and don’t need help. However, while confidence is vital, it is not sufficient. It can also be a cause of failure. We have feedback from employers who thought candidates were confident and articulate, and handled themselves well, but they did things during the interview which turned them off. The problem is that the candidate didn’t know they were doing this. At the other end of the spectrum, some people tell us that they are nervous, anxious or stressed at interviews, and that they are unable to deliver their best. If this is you, you already know you need help.

Interview Coaching Will:

  • Provide a framework for preparation. Doing the right things before the interview is the key to success. Ask any successful sports person, stage actor, singer, musician, presenter, comedian, trainer, public speaker or surgeon who has to perform under pressure all the time.
  • Provide techniques which enable you to control the process rather than letting the process control you.
  • Teach methods and skills which don’t require a personality transplant. It’s a fallacy that putting people in front of cameras for a couple of hours and providing them with feedback will improve their performance at interviews. If you really need to change entrenched habits or behaviours, it will require months of intensive practice and a truck load of determination and discipline. If you need to exhibit a personality different to the one you are stuck with, about two years of acting classes might just about do it.
  • Enable you to immediately apply the methods and techniques because they are not add-ons or replacements: they are integrated into who you are and work with whatever personalty or style you currently have. Show you how to interview, based on what successful people do. The behaviours and approaches adopted by successful candidates have been ‘reverse engineered,’ and packaged into an elegant and efficient framework, and a few core techniques. If you want to succeed at something, do it the way successful people do
  • Provide you with practical techniques that are not found in a book or on a web site. Most of the books and articles on interview techniques barely scrape the surface and fail to recognise the fundamentals which drive performance.
  • Teach you to avoid clichéd or prepared responses to standard questions. Recruitment consultants and hiring managers usually know these responses and how to spot them.

Details of our Executive Interview Coaching Package

Offered by Kylie Hammond via online Coaching, we offer an exclusive interview preparation program consisting of 3 x 1 hour interview coaching sessions, ideal for the executive preparing for important interviews, panel interviews and psychological testing. This program involves mock interview practice and preparation for specific job interviews with corporates, government or education. Our interview program is based on HR best practice, and we leverage competency based interviewing techniques and Top Grading interview principles. This service is a must for candidates who want to achieve success at job interviews

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