Complimentary 101 Career Mistakes & Solutions E-Book

FREE Mini E-Book 10 Career Mistakes and Solutions

Download your complimentary 1st ten chapters from Kylie Hammond’s latest book ‘101 Career Mistakes and Solutions’.

The FREE mini book includes the following career mistakes and solutions – 1. Having no career planin a Protean world, 2. Chasing dollars and prestijious job titles, 3. Refusing to take an entry level position, 4. Staying in the same job for too long, 5. Changing jobs for the wrong reasons. 6. Getting too comfortable, 7. No career challenges, 8. Failing to network effectively. 9. Playing office politics and 10. Arguing with your boss. Over 35 pages for FREE!

Download now and fill out the form below. You can also get the full e-book which is available to buy for only $9.95 click here.


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