Executive Career Coaching Services

Kylie Hammond

Kylie Hammond is one of the leading Executive Career Coaches in the Asia Pacific region. Our team of personally chosen Executive Career Coaches work closely with all executives on career related issues. Examples of focus areas where we can provide executives with career coaching services, fully tailored to the individual include:

  • Creating and executing a career progression or career change strategy
  • Managing the challenges of a new position or promotion
  • Re-entering the workplace after a career break
  • Managing career transition following redundancy
  • Effectively managing challenging subordinates, colleagues or management
  • Encouraging high performance and increased efficiency
  • Developing employee motivation and building employee morale
  • Managing stress and work life balance
  • Career management techniques and identifying opportunities
  • Managing office politics and networking

Our team of Executive Career Coaches also work closely with individuals who are seeking a change in their career and we offer coaching services in a range of areas including:

  • Finding your perfect career
  • Positioning yourself for promotions and transitions
  • Making recruitment agencies work for you!
  • Opening the door and interviewing like a star!
  • Negotiating salary packages and pay rises
  • Improving your work performance and becoming your own career manager.

During each customised Executive Coaching Program, our team of Executive Career Coaches leverage Extended DISC personality testing which is a very useful tool to assess natural behaviours, strengths and weaknesses. This information can provide valuable insight into the career coaching process. Our personality testing suite of solutions are available online and can be purchased as a standalone product, with one of our experienced Extended DISC consultants available to provide interpretation and analysis of the Personality Analysis Test results.

Please visit our Online Shop or contact our offices for a no obligation initial coaching session / career assessment with Kylie Hammond, Principal, or one of our experienced consultants. Please phone 1800 RESULTS or (02) 9967 2121 for more information or email us.