New Book from Kylie Hammond

101 Career Mistakes and Solutions

It’s no secret.  As human beings, we are prone to making mistakes.  
Unfortunately mistakes in the workplace can cost you a lot – a promotion, a great new opportunity, or even the job itself.

In 101 Career Mistakes and Solutions, leading Board and Executive Search Consultant and Australia’s foremost CEO Business Mentor, Kylie Hammond, provides you with an overview of potential career pitfalls, and most importantly solutions and practical tips to ensure you avoid those big mistakes, and build the career of your dreams.

Some of the career mistakes that are addressed include:

  • Having no career plan
  • Getting too comfortable
  • Forgetting to negotiate your contract
  • Under-preparing for a job interview
  • Failing to manage your personal brand
  • Working harder, not smarter

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The Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide

Out now in paperback and e-book Kylie Hammond’s new Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide!

Being prepared and organised for your job search is key to finding a secure executive position in this ever-shifting job seekers’ landscape. In The Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide, leading Board & Executive Search Consultant and Australia’s foremost CEO Business Mentor, Kylie Hammond will provide you with breakthrough strategies and advice that includes building your professional toolbox and a career portfolio. Learn how to recognise a good opportunity, and walk away from a bad one.

Some of the critical job search elements covered include:

  • Identifying your professional goals and analysing your options

  • Understanding your value proposition and how to market yourself

  • Developing a career portfolio

  • Developing a resume for specific opportunities

  • Leveraging the power of professional and social media

  • Knowing how to work with executive search consultants and headhunters

  • Learning how to negotiate the best contract

The 232 page Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide contains tips and hints that come from many years of experience in the executive search industry and working with a large variety of companies and HR professionals.

The Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide can be purchased through our Online Shop for $33.00 including postage or for only $9.95 via one of the eBook Links below.

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Another Inspiring New Book from Kylie Hammond


How to Achieve a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET and Have it ALL.’

Success is something you attract by the person you become.’ Jim Rohn

millionaire coach Kylie Hammond 

What if you changed just one thing that resulted in phenomenal success and altered your life forever?

Coming in early 2013 from the Millionaire Coach Group ‘How to Achieve a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET and Have it ALL.’ Kylie Hammond joins 15 other highly successful coaches to show you the secrets to breaking through your unseen barriers to wealth, and start enjoying the success you deserve today. They will share their success secrets to achieving a millionaire mindset and having it all.

Behind every successful person is a coach. A coach holds the keys to unleashing your inner millionaire and skyrocketing your success.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to create wealth in all areas of your life

  • How to design the lifestyle you have always wanted

  • How to be, do or have anything you want

  • How to enrich your life and enrich your world

  • How to reach your full potential faster

  • How to achieve everything you have ever wanted

  • How to identify the blocks holding you back from an extraordinary life!

Featuring inspiring success stories from:

Kylie Hammond – Kylie
Heidi Alexandra Pollard – Leading Value
Federico Re – Creative Entrepreneur
Gillian Skeer – Creative Coaching Solutions
Michael R. Dean – The Millionaire Group
Michael Yacoub – Advantex International
Samantha McDonald – Dare Coaching Academy
George Mihos – Results Today Not Tomorrow Academy
Heather Yelland – Emotional Enterprise Specialists
Angelina Cirelli-Salomone – Unique Business Advantage
Clare Cope – Values Pendulum™
Richard Day – Life & Business Leadership Institute
Robert Borg – Lifetime Dynamics
Kate Osborne – Leisure Seekers
Reeny Carvotta Barron – Passion and Possibilities
Jennie Brown – Jennie Brown Events

Whether you are wanting to simply take yourself to the next level or completely transform your life, you need to read this book.

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Each book contains over $2000 worth of money maker gifts from the authors that when used and put into practice could potentially make you millions.

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Kylie’s Inspirational Book

Kylie Hammond, Amongst the World’s Best Entrepreneurs in Inspiring New Book

Kylie Hammond is excited to announce that she is a co-author in the fourth Sandy Forster Inspired Spirit anthology book along with other renowned visionaries, authors and world class leaders in the personal empowerment and success fields such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne W.Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Mark Victor Hansen, to name just a few.

Entitled In the Spirit of Success: Inspiring Stories from Entrepreneurs Around the World, the book provides 38 inspiring stories from highly successful people from all over the globe. In an open, honest way we each share our personal stories and secrets we’ve used to create amazing abundance and success in our business and personal lives.

“It was quite humbling to be invited to take part in this book, especially considering the calibre of the other people involved.” From business failure to starting over again, Kylie shares her story of the phoenix rising from the ashes, finding happiness, success, and an inspiring new business career.

“I’ve always wanted to share my own personal story with as many people as possible of how I came to build the life I’ve always wanted filled with good health and success. Helping others in their own quest to live a life filled with abundance and whatever their definition of success means to them, is one of my personal aspirations. Being a part of this book has allowed me to reach thousands of people – just like me – who are perhaps searching for the motivation to keep trying. I hope others will learn from my experiences and achieve their goals that much faster.”

Kylie Hammond is the Founder of Amazing Results Group, the largest Executive Coaching and Mentoring group in the Asia Pacific region. A leading Executive Coach, Kylie coaches clients across executive, business, women’s issues, and career development areas.

Topics covered in the book include step-by-step instructions to discover your own purpose in life; how to zero in on sabotaging beliefs that are hindering your success; love and affirm your way to wellness and wealth; the secret to how to create wealth doing what you love, and how to live a life of excitement and fulfilment.

In the Spirit of Success: Inspiring Stories from Entrepreneurs Around the World is now in stock at $18.00 in all good bookstores or can be purchased through our Online Shop for $22.00 including postage.  Avoid disappointment and order now!